24 September 2005

Target woman ‘lucky not to have been hurt’

The Irish News Online

By Staff Reporter

THE son of a Catholic woman whose home in Ballymena was targeted in a paint-bomb attack has said she was lucky not to have been hurt.

The man, who didn’t wish either himself or his 54-year-old mother to be named, said police told them three paint bombs were thrown at the house at around midnight yesterday.

“My mum was in the house on her own at the time and she had just gone to bed two minutes before one of the bottles came through the window, showering the room with glass,” he said.

“If she had been sitting in the chair a bit longer she could have been hit – she was very lucky. She was up all night after it and was shocked.

“We are Catholics and this was sectarian.

“Probably what saved more damage from being done was the leaded windows,” he said.

“The curtains were covered and the paint was all over the floor.”

The man said the part of the town where they live is mainly Catholic, although they have a number of Protestant neighbours.

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