08 September 2005

Second day of city parade protest


Up to 30 people have blocked part of the Springfield Road in west Belfast in protest at the re-routing of an Orange parade through the Whiterock area.

The Order had shelved its re-routed parade in June. It was re-scheduled for Saturday but again restricted.

The road was blocked from 0800 BST and remained closed for about 90 minutes.

Protesters say daily blockades will continue until their preferred route of Workman Avenue rather than through the former Mackies factory site is allowed.

Springfield Road was also blocked twice on Wednesday.

The initial parade planned for June had been opposed by nationalist Springfield Road residents.

In its determination on the march, the Parades Commission cited "a possible adverse effect on community relations" if the march was allowed on the Order's preferred route.

The Parades Commission was set up in 1997 to make decisions on whether or not restrictions should be imposed on controversial parades during Northern Ireland's marching season.

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