30 September 2005

LVF rejects talk of dumping arms after Provo move

Belfast Telegraph

By David Gordon
30 September 2005

WELL-PLACED loyalist sources were today pouring cold water on speculation of a decommissioning move by the LVF in response to the disposal of Provo arms.

It was reported that the terror group founded by murdered terror chief Billy Wright could resurrect plans to dump arms following Monday's announcement on IRA decommissioning.

But a source close to the LVF today said he had heard nothing about such talk, and firmly rejected the report.

He also indicated that the LVF is adopting a cautious approach to recent developments.

Portadown-based Pastor Kenny McClinton, who acts as interlocutor for the LVF with the International Independent Commission on Decommissioning, said:

"If the Government had really wanted loyalists to be encouraged to decommission their arms, they wouldn't have made such a nonsense and a joke of the LVF decommissioning that occurred in 1998."

However, Mr McClinton also said: "If anything was going on at present, it would be too sensitive for me to talk about."

The LVF has been embroiled in a feud with the UVF this summer.

Four people were murdered by the UVF in July and August.

Although the situation appears significantly calmer at present, there has been no indication of any move towards a truce between the two factions.

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