24 September 2005

'Latest GAA Move is A Betrayal'

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24 September\Fomhair Mean 2005

'Latest GAA Move is A Betrayal'
Statement by RSF Vice President Des Dalton

Speaking at Republican Sinn Fein's annual Eve of All-Ireland rally at the GPO in Dublin on September 24 RSF Vice President Des Dalton, himself a member of the GAA, speaking about the decision of the GAA to invite RUC\PSNI teams to participate in the Sigerson Cup colleges competion said: "The an-nouncement by GAA President Sean Kelly that the GAA intends to invite the British Colonial police to take part in the Sigerson cup colleges competition, is part and parcel of the ongoing campaign to normalise the British occupation of Ireland. British rule in Ireland will never be normal or acceptable, it is immoral and a crime against the Irish people.

On the weekend of the All-Ireland Football finals, a celebration of the historic Irish nation, when people from Tyrone and Down, can stand with people from Kerry and Mayo as equal members of that nation, this decision of the GAA leadership betrays the fundamental ethos and ideals of the association. We call on members of the GAA to make their voice heard; we call on GAA clubs and teams to refuse
to play against British forces teams. We  must step up the campaign against this latest attempt to turn the GAA into a recruiting sergeant for the British Crown forces in Ireland."


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