29 September 2005

Home attack treated as loyalist murder bid


A car parked in the drive was also damaged

A pipe bomb attack on a family in Ballymoney is being treated as attempted murder, police have said.

No motive has yet been found for the attack on the house, but loyalist paramilitaries are being blamed.

A pipe bomb was placed on the window sill of the property in Carnany estate where a couple and a three-year-old child were asleep upstairs.

It exploded at about 0230 BST, embedding a 12 inch long piece of shrapnel into a chair. No-one was hurt.

Shrapnel was also found in the ceiling of the living room and a heavy metal bolt was blown 50 yards down the road by the blast, where it hit the Carnany community centre.

Detective Inspector Nick McCaw said it was lucky no-one was seriously injured.

This piece of shrapnel was embedded in a chair

"When we catch the people responsible they will be charged with attempted murder," he said.

He said that if someone had been in the living room "they would have been seriously injured or killed".

Police have appealed for information and the house has been cordoned off for an examination by forensic scientists.

Condemning the pipe bombing, DUP MLA Mervyn Storey said local people are disgusted at the attack "on a family who have lived in the estate for many years".

SDLP assemblyman Sean Farren said that whatever the motive, there was no place in society for people who would leave such devices.

"There is only one way to remove this danger and that is to have these people arrested, charged and jailed, " he said.

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