01 September 2005

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | McCartney murder pub up for sale


Angelique Chrisafis
Thursday September 1, 2005
The Guardian

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Magennis's Whiskey Cafe - the Belfast pub which gained worldwide notoriety after Robert McCartney was stabbed to death there - has been put up for sale.

The city-centre gastropub once aspired to tempt barristers from the nearby courts with pan-fried scallops and fresh Irish salmon.

But after McCartney, a Catholic father of two, was beaten and stabbed to death at the bar in January, customers have dwindled.

The McCartney sisters started a campaign alleging a cover-up in which they claimed republicans had cleaned evidence from the bar, interfered with CCTV footage, threatened customers to stay silent and failed to call an ambulance.

The owner, Belfast businessman Martin O'Neill who had reportedly paid more than £1m for the pub last year, has not commented on the reasons for the sale.

McCartney's sister Catherine said that the sale would not affect the campaign, adding that they were frustrated at the slow pace of the investigation into the murder.

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