22 September 2005

Bombs found in Derry


22/09/2005 - 15:30:05

Five mortar bombs have been found on the outskirts of Derry, it was revealed today.

The bombs and component parts – minus any explosives – were discovered during a security operation on the Letterkenny Road after being discovered by a passer-by.

Superintendent Richard Russell described the find as “significant”.

He said the mortars were of a type “commonly known as barrack-busters”.

The barrack-buster was a favoured weapon of the IRA often used with devastating effect in attacks on police and army bases.

However, the superintendent said it was too early to say what their origin was.

Equally he said it had yet to be established how old the mortars were or how long they had been where they were discovered.

“We found five mortars. There were no explosives present or electronics, so they were not capable of functioning. Though, with those additional parts, they would have been capable of functioning,” he said.

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