04 August 2005

Six arrested over loyalist feud


Army and police patrols have increased

Six people have been arrested and 14 premises searched in north Belfast in an operation linked to the ongoing loyalist feud, the PSNI has said.

Detectives are working to disrupt activities relating to "fear and intimidation" from the feud in an operation costing £30,000 a day.

So far three people have died in the feud between the Ulster Volunteer Force and the Loyalist Volunteer Force.

The latest victim was Stephen Paul, 28, who was shot dead by the UVF.

Detectives have appealed for information about a car used in the killing.

It was seen speeding on to the Crumlin Road from Wheatfield Crescent where Mr Paul was shot dead on Saturday.

Detective Superintendent Roy McComb, who is leading the investigation, said: "I grow weary of people being murdered just because someone puts a title on them."

"Regardless what anyone believes another person to be a member... nobody has the right to take life.

"This morning we have carried out a number of searches and have arrested a number of men in relation to this murder and activities across Belfast involving loyalist paramilitary activities."

Another man was injured in Saturday's attack.

A number of families linked to the LVF have also been forced from their homes following UVF intimidation in an east Belfast estate.

Police and soldiers have been patrolling estates in County Down and north Belfast since the evictions in a bid to prevent a re-occurrence.

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