24 August 2005

Petrol bomb attack on Belfast house


24/08/2005 - 08:02:40

A petrol bomb with a firework attached to it was launched at a house in Belfast overnight, police said today.

The incident was one of six attacks on properties in the north of the city, which included a paint bomb being thrown through a window at the home of a couple in their 80s.

Police said a house in Skegoneill Avenue was targeted with the petrol bomb, which did not ignite, shortly before 11pm.

Half an hour earlier, a paint bomb struck a house and a car was set alight in Somerdale Park.

Meanwhile, a cancer sufferer and his wife were left traumatised when their home was paint-bombed by republicans.

John Mussen, 82, said he and his wife were attacked “because we never go out”.

A window in the living room of their home at Hesketh Road was smashed and paint splattered all over the furniture shortly after 8pm yesterday.

Three neighbouring houses were also paint-bombed.

The Democratic Unionist Party condemned the attacks and accused republicans of being responsible.

Assembly member Nelson McCausland said the attack was “blatantly sectarian and designed to ensure the continuation of unrest in the area”.

He added: “This area has had to endure these types of attacks over a long period of time. This attack is a deliberate attempt to ensure that tension in the area remains high. It is blatantly sectarian and clearly well-organised.”

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