12 August 2005

Eleven-year-old boy attacked by loyalists


An 11-year-old boy has been telling how he was dragged and punched by a loyalist who attacked him from a car in Alliance Avenue.
The boy, whose parents were too afraid for him to be identified, said he believed the man attacked him because he was wearing an Ireland top.
He said he had been walking along Alliance Avenue around 7.30pm with around seven of his friends when he was attacked at Deerpark Avenue.
“A silver car came out of Glenbryn. There was a man driving it and another in the back. The front seat passenger got out.
“He had blond hair and tattoos all over his arms.
“He got out of the car and grabbed me and dragged me up beside Glenbryn and then he hit me a dig in the face. My friends were yelling at him to leave me alone and he was shouting down ‘you’ll never see this wee lad again’.
“I was crying and he started to drag me again and then I threw myself to the ground to stop him.
“He said to me ‘the next time I see you I’m gonna kill you’. I got away and ran down to Jamaica Street where I saw my daddy driving past.”
The victim’s mother said she was outraged at the attack on her son.
“He came in and his nose was bleeding and I told him just to stay in and not to go out again,” she said.
The attack comes a week after Michael Lynch almost lost fingers in a frenzied machete attack by loyalists who drove into Ardoyne in a car.

Journalist:: Staff Reporter

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