11 August 2005

A dog-gone tale of true devotion

Belfast Telegraph

Owner looks for leads to pet's whereabouts

By Deborah McAleese
11 August 2005

A Co Antrim dog owner has gone to astonishing lengths in a bid to find his lost pet.

Gavin Graham has posted more than 200 notices throughout the Lisburn area and has spent the past 13 days launching intensive searches of the area for his golden cocker spaniel, Rudy.

The dog went missing at Shaws Bridge on Friday, July 29 and was last spotted on Monday in the Lambeg area.

Gavin has taken time off from work to spend his days and evenings searching for Rudy. He is also offering a reward to anyone who helps him find his beloved pet.

Although Rudy knows the area where he was walking, Gavin believes he has gone off the beaten track and cannot find his way back.

Rudy has a very long tail and has a blue collar. Anyone who may have spotted him is asked to contact Gavin on 07815 737825.

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