05 August 2005

Crazy - Parades Commission ruling to allow march to pass nationalist homes on Whitewell is...


Nationalists on the Whitewell have described a Parades Commission decision to allow the Royal Preceptory to walk past a Catholic area tomorrow (Friday) night as “crazy”.
Community worker Paul McKernon criticised the decision to allow 150 marchers and a band to walk from the Orange hall on the Whitewell past nationalist homes.
He said a spate of attacks had occurred this week and that tensions were high in the area.
The Black march also coincides with the Greencastle Festival this weekend, raising fears of trouble.
But the Royal Black Preceptory, whose walk was marred by trouble last August, says it’s not interested in “triumphalism”.
Paul McKernon said the walk was not an annual one, adding that at a time when the Parades Commission said it was trying to reduce marches, the decision to allow an additional one was “ridiculous”.
“Here we are again with another crazy decision by the Parades Commission. There was trouble last August and this will add to tensions in the area.
“There have been attacks from Graymount on homes in Catherine Court on Monday and Tuesday with windows being broken. Last August residents standing in Catherine Court were attacked when the Royal Black marched past their homes. Now we have this march on a Friday night at 8pm.
“This is also an organisation that refused to talk to residents, but are happy to walk through their streets.”

Journalist:: Staff Reporter

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