04 August 2005

Blair receives DUP list of demands

RTE News

04 August 2005 19:53

DUP leader Ian Paisley has given the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, a list of demands which he says must be met before his party will enter any discussions about the restoration of devolved government in Northern Ireland.

Speaking after a meeting with Mr Blair at Downing Street this morning, Mr Paisley said the DUP cannot sit down for talks immediately unless it is sure that the IRA has finished criminality.

The party's Deputy Leader, Peter Robinson, said the DUP would require a long period of assessment to make sure the IRA has decommissioned and ended its paramilitary activity and criminality.

The Sinn Féin President, Gerry Adams, has accused Mr Paisley of engaging in delaying tactics on the political future of the North.

Mr Adams said the British leader should tell Mr Paisley that the old days were finished and equality had to be the future.

No public handshake for Adams and Blair, geez...

A Sinn Féin delegation led by Mr Adams held a separate meeting with Mr Blair today.

DUP cites 'concessions'

Today's developments follow exchanges between the DUP and the Northern Secretary, Peter Hain, in London yesterday.

The DUP accused the British government of making a series of concessions to Sinn Féin after the IRA's promise to end its campaign a week ago.

The DUP warned that the return of the Stormont Assembly could now be delayed by up to two years.

In last week's statement, the IRA promised to decommission all its weapons. Before that, the Shankill bomber Sean Kelly was released.

Since then, the scaling back of British Army bases has started and the disbandment of the Royal Irish Regiment announced.


....the Adams Family . And Uncle Fester .... !

Don't they look well together , all the same . Why , it even looks like they could be related to each other ....

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