01 July 2005

‘Rossport Five’ vow to challenge court injunction


01/07/2005 - 15:46:52

The five Mayo men who were jailed for contempt vowed today to challenge a court injunction ordering them not to obstruct work on the Corrib Gas pipeline.

Their case will be based on the consent of the Minister, who their solicitor says only gave the go ahead for the pipeline to be marked out, not for its construction.

Supporters gathered outside court this afternoon for the so called "Rossport Five".

Local Fine Gael TD Michael Ring said they were left with no alternative but to fight their case through the courts: “This is a small community against big business, against the State, against the Government and against local authority."

Disgraceful conduct by the so-called 'establishment' in this warped State ; are we now to 'bend the knee ' to the likes of Shell , in order to secure more back-handers for those political wasters in Leinster House ?
A quick death would be too good for them ....

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