14 July 2005

Residents deny petrol bomb attacks on Springfield Road


Damian McCarney

SpriNGfield Road residents say they’re mystified by PSNI reports that petrol bombs were thrown by nationalists over the peace line on Monday evening. The stories of petrol bombs thrown from the Springfield Road at houses in Ainsworth Avenue were carried by the BBC and confirmed by the PSNI.

Information provided by the PSNI about the alleged incidents appears to undermine the validity of the reports. A PSNI spokesperson said that none of their officers witnessed the attack but that they had received reports of it.

They did not say who reported them.

The PSNI spokesperson said that the petrol bombs were thrown from near the Workman’s gate at about 8.45pm – the gate remains open until 9pm.

They PSNI say they’re not sure if the missiles went through the gate or over the wall. For the lit petrol bombs to have been thrown from Workman’s gate and land in Ainsworth Avenue, they would have to have travelled the length of Forth Parade and Kirk Street.

A spokesperson for the local residents said that they were shocked when they heard the news story the following morning as local residents were on the ground on the Eleventh night working with young people to keep the situation calm and they saw nothing.

“The story actually heightened tensions as residents believe that it did not happen. The length and journey of the petrol bombs make it impossible,” said the local representative.

The PSNI said that no one was injured and there was no damage to property caused by the attack.

Journalist:: Damien McCarney

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