09 July 2005

Republican Sinn Féin - Cork Launch Website.

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by Séan O'Murchú PRO - MacCurtain/McSwiney Cumann Republican Sinn Féin Cork
Saturday, Jul 9 2005, 3:58pm
address: http://www.rsfcork.com

The MacCurtain / McSwiney Cumann of Republicam Sinn Féin Cork Ireland have launched a new website at www.rsfcork.com.

This site gives Republican Sinn Féin in Cork the ability to voice its views on the continuing illigal British occupation in Ireland. As well as commenting on matters of daily revelance to Irish people with weekly news updates.

Below is a outline of who Republican Sinn Féin are and what they represent.

Republican Sinn Féin, the last remaining true Republican political party founded in 1905. Reformed in 1986 out of the walkout of the 86 Ard-Fheis by the true Republican leadership, who saw the failure of the new Provisional leaderships's decision to enter into a partitonist assembly of the 26 County Southern Free State. This one day would lead to a larger erosion of Republican principles, to the acceptance of entering a new Stormont and acceptance of British Partition. Republican Sinn Fein uphold the right of the Irish people to oppose continued British occupation in Ireland. We are dealing with state sponsored censorship and are continually demonized in the media, with harassment of our members carried out by the States "Political Police" on both sides of the British imposed Border.

Republicans today are labeled as anti-peace or portrayed militarists. Anyone who becomes arrested for political offenses is now either purposely ignored, demonized in the media, or criminalized. In the north the British have brought back the denial of Political Status, 17 years after the 1981 hunger strikes. In 1981 Bobby Sands and nine other republican POWs died in the cell blocks of Long Kesh on hunger strike to win POW Status for all Republican POWs.

In Short the present climate is one in which the Republican Movement finds itself struggling against enormous odds, but like all other times of seeming defeat, retreat, or disillusionment, this too shall pass, for its only noble and righteous ideas which live on. As it has been said, You can Kill - or as today's lessons have taught us, even buy-out the revolutionary, but you cannot kill the Revolution.

Therefore this movement will have to be one built upon a strong and solidly principled foundation, built with planning, organization, and structure with a clear purpose and direction to achieve the end goal of a New Ireland ( Éire Nua ) free of British rule.

Republican Sinn Féin believes that the historic Irish nation is a distinct, coherent unit and is entitled to exercise its own independence. Because of the history of our own country we identify with national liberation struggles around the world.

We believe, in the words of one of the 18th Century founders of Irish Republicanism, Wolfe Tone, in the urgent need to "break the connection with England, the never-failing source of all our political evils". We stand for the complete overthrow of British rule in Ireland and the establishment of a Federal Democratic Socialist Republic based on the Proclamation of 1916.

To bring the Proclamation of the Republic, declared in Easter 1916 into effective operation and to maintain and consolidate the Government of the Republic, representative of the people of all Ireland, based on that Proclamation.

To establish in the Republic a reign of social justice based on Irish Republican socialist principles in accordance with the Proclamation of the Republic of 1916, the Democratic Program of the First Dial Éireann in 1919, by a just distributation of the nation's wealth and resources and to institute a system of government suited to the particular needs of the people.

To establish the Irish langauge as the primary means of communication in the Republic. To teach Irish History in such a way as will foster a pride in our own cultural heritage, and a sense of rights and responsibilities in our people as citizens of the Republic.

I 'clicked' on to their website earlier on today - very professional looking it is too !
Its fantastic to see RSF Cumann's doing this ; its a great way to 'spread the word' .
Well done to all concerned - and to Micheailin , for posting this article .

It's a beautiful website.
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