22 July 2005

Recycling service 'very popular'


Council says fewer people sending waste to landfill sites

Belfast City Council has said that its enhanced recycling service is proving very popular with householders in the city.

Recycling bins were provided for 11,000 homes in south Belfast in June. They are collected on alternate weeks with the regular black bins.

The council has said that 60% of those people are now recycling waste rather than having it sent to landfill sites.

It is hoped that by next year everyone in the city will have the facility.

Tim Walker, head of waste management at the council, said people now have to adjust to new habits on the issue.

The blue recycling bins take paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, tins and cans.

The council also hopes 55,000 households will have brown bins for garden waste by next year.

Under EU regulations councils face large fines if recycling targets are not met.

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