02 July 2005

Protests over Mayo pipeline continue


02 July 2005 15:52

The campaign for the release of the five men who were jailed for their opposition to a controversial Shell gas pipeline in Co Mayo, is continuing over the weekend.

There are to be further demonstrations planned for today and tomorrow. The largest which will take place in Castlebar tomorrow.

The Independent Mayo TD, Dr Gerry Cowley, who is organising the march and rally, said the mood of abhorrence at the jailing of the five men was growing nationwide.

He called on Shell to reach a compromise on its plan to construct the high-pressure pipeline and the onshore terminal and cited fears for health and safety.

Shell Ireland has denied that the pipeline presents a hazard to the north Mayo area and has said it has no intention of suspending its work on the Corrib Gas Project or of withdrawing from Mayo.

Five TD's visited the men, who spend a second night in Clover Hill Prison last night.

The men told the TD's there was no question of them abandoning their opposition to the pipeline being laid on their land.

I hope those five imprisoned protestors stick to their guns : I would be worried about the Leinster House members visiting them , however - those career politicians will promise the men a quick (and 'favourable') resolution if they first apologise to the court for showing it contempt . I hope the men and their families are smart enough to tell them to 'f**k off ' - excuse the language , but those political leeches bring out the worst in me.

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