02 July 2005

Justice Department blocks Adams prison visit


01/07/2005 - 20:44:35

The Department of Justice intervened this evening to prevent Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams from visiting the five Mayo men jailed on Wednesday for breaching a High Court injunction.

The men were jailed for obstructing the building of a Shell gas pipeline through their lands at Rossport in County Mayo.

Gerry Adams had planned to visit the men at Clover Hill prison tomorrow but that has now been ruled out by the Department of Justice - a decision described by Sinn Féin as "bizarre".

Mr Adams described the move – and the jailing of the men – as "appalling".

Oh I was weak-kneeded !
'Gerry' and his group were just down the road from me (Cloverhill Prison) !! I though it was the flipping State Minister or some such 'dignitary' arriving in the posh car ... !

Come to think of it ...- it was'nt my knees that went weak . It was my stomach ...

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