08 July 2005



Nationalists have been urged to be vigilant in the run up to the 12th following the Parades Commission’s decision to allow marchers and their supporters past Ardoyne and Mountainview.
The warning from Sinn Féin’s Kathy Stanton after last weekend saw a series of attacks on Catholics.
A man was assaulted as he walked along the Oldpark Road near Henry Joy McCracken’s bar by a group of men in a car who got out and asked him for directions.
Another man was assaulted near Carlisle Circus around 1.30am on Sunday by a gang of loyalists who emerged in a car from Denmark Street in the Shankill.
“I would call for calm and urged nationalists to be vigilant. I hope the week ahead will pass off peacefully.”
And a Whitewell community worker said a car was attacked in the new Catherine Court housing development by loyalists.
Paul McKernon said the attackers struck around 2.30am on Sunday and later on Sunday evening around 7.30pm tried to attack Catherine Court again.
The PSNI confirmed it was investigating an incident.
Paul McKernon said tensions were high in Whitewell after a Parades Commission decision to allow Orangemen to walk past nationalist homes on the Whitewell this Tuesday.
“We’ve had three families narrowly escaping death two weeks ago when their oil tanks were set on fire. We’ve had attacks from Graymount through this laneway on the lower Whitewell and now Orangemen are going to walk past these homes with their supporters,” he said.
Greencastle LOL will walk from Greencastle Orange hall down the Whitewell Road, along Shore Road, turning at Mount Street and back to Shore Road on the morning of the Twelfth.
They will return to Grays Lane after boarding transport from York Street and walk up the Shore Road and onto the Whitewell at 7pm.
The Whitewell Defenders Flute Band will be marching on July 12 in what the Parades Commission has ruled it as a contentious march. Some 40 people will accompany one band onto the Whitewell Road bus terminal between 6.30pm and 10.30pm.
The parade is prohibited from proceeding beyond the M2 off-slip bridge passing over the Shore Road. However, Paul McKernon said Orangemen flouted the ruling last year.
“This ruling on no left turn towards Bawnmore was ignored and the Orangemen walked to the second bridge to the onslip of the M2,” he said.
Meanwhile an attack on a man from the Limestone Road at the weekend which happened on the Serpentine Road is not thought to be sectarian.

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