29 July 2005

Get on board the 'Peace Process Special'


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Welcome to Sinn Féin's Peace Process Special website. We have put this site together to give you all the latest statements and responses to the IRA's historic statement (also view the video) as well as a chronology of the Peace Process. We have also provided biographies of many of Sinn Féin's elected representatives.

Click on the links below to view:

**I got re-directed when I clicked on my usual SF link, so I had to share :)

Jesus !

I thought it was a group shot of 'The Waltons' (or 'The Adams Family' ) when I first saw that photograph !

But , on a second looking - I recognised 'The New[ish] Stickies' . May they all have a great career in front of them , while they observe (and attempt to stop) the next generation grow-up to face this problem .

Sharon .
Hey!! Livvie and John Boy don't deserve that!
"Hey!! Livvie and John Boy don't deserve that!"

- ' ...don't deserve ..' what ?
A career in politics ?
Oh yes they do !
They need holiday homes , too , you know ..... ;-)

Sharon !
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