14 July 2005

'Dissident' republicans accused of trying to murder officers


14/07/2005 - 09:02:30

The PSNI has accused 'dissident' republicans of trying to murder police officers during rioting in north Belfast on Tuesday night.

The riots broke out after an Orange Order parade proceeded along the nationalist Crumlin Road, despite local opposition.

The PSNI said nine blast bombs, some packed with bolts and nails, were thrown at the security forces during the violence.

Six of the bombs exploded, injuring more than 100 police officers and a number of civilians, including journalists and ambulance workers.

A British army press officer was the worst injured, having sustained multiple fractures and abdominal wounds.

The Continuity IRA is being blamed for the worst of the attacks.

The PSNI said it fired 22 plastic bullets during the riots and insisted that it acted with restraint, despite Sinn Féin complaints that the police acted before local republicans had a chance to quell the crowd.

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