08 July 2005

Comparison of bomb weights in attacks

Sun Herald

Associated Press

Investigators say the bombs that destroyed three London subway cars and a double-decker bus weighed less than 10 pounds each. In some other bombings:

_ MADRID, Spain: An estimated 220 pounds of explosives were used for the 10 backpack bombs in the March 11, 2004, attacks on four commuter trains. The bombings, which killed 191 people, were blamed on Islamic militants with suspected ties to al-Qaida.

_ MOSCOW: The bomb that blew apart a subway car on Feb. 6, 2004, killing 39, contained the equivalent of 11 pounds of TNT.

_ CASABLANCA, Morocco: The attack that killed at least 28 people on May 16, 2003, was blamed on international terrorists and local militant groups linked to al-Qaida. Homemade bombs weighing about 18 to 22 pounds were used. The explosives apparently were hidden in backpacks, investigators said.

_ ISTANBUL, Turkey: Suicide truck bombers set off explosions at two synagogues, the British consulate and London-based HSBC Bank on Nov. 15 and 20, 2003. Each of the four pickups used was packed with about 5,000 pounds of fertilizer bombs.

_ BALI: Bombs that killed 202 people in nightclubs on the Indonesian island of Bali on Oct. 12, 2003, were blamed on Jemaah Islamiyah, a Southeast Asian terror group linked to al-Qaida. Investigators estimate up to 220 pounds of fertilizer-based explosives were used.

_ OMAGH, Northern Ireland: A 500-pound car bomb exploded Aug. 15, 1998, killing 29 people. The Real IRA, a dissident group that rejects the 1997 cease-fire by the Irish Republican Army, claimed responsibility for Northern Ireland's worst single atrocity.

_ OKLAHOMA CITY: Timothy McVeigh packed a rental truck with a mixture of fertilizer, oil and commercial explosive to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995, killing 168 people. An estimated 4,800 pounds of ammonium nitrate was used.

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