14 July 2005

'Bomb' found after coded warning


13/07/2005 - 22:54:58

A bomb was found in a car in Co Armagh tonight after police mounted widespread searches for devices across the North.

The bomb, deemed “viable” by police, was discovered in the vehicle on a roadside between the village of Milford and Armagh city.

The device, once made safe, was taken away by army bomb disposal experts for detailed examination.

Searches for bombs were launched early in the day after a coded warning was made to a Belfast media outlet.

Police said 15 locations were mentioned in the warning, half of which were in the Armagh area.

Others were on the M1 motorway, the A1 road to the border, Banbridge, Lisburn, Moira, Dungannon, Scarva.

All other areas were declared bomb-free and safe.

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