02 July 2005

Blogspot blues

This is a blog issue post. I am not happy with Blogger anymore at all. I had to change the template, and now, although I don't mind the looks of it, it loads so slowly and jerkily and scrolls so clumsily, I can't stand it. You can see the difference in loading by looking at this site at the locations linked up at the top. Plus here at Blogger the search feature sucks, and when you open up a weekly archive, you get about 150 posts which take forever to load. The one thing I like about Blogger is Blog This! which makes the link for you, but I can use that feature anyway on other blog sites. The bottom line is that this location gets only a handful of hits compared to the other sites, so I don't think I'm the only one who doesn't like Blogger. I started out with it in 2003, but I'm seriously considering dropping this one location. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well.... suppose so , then - if you MUST !

But as long as you keep in touch !

No, no...I'll keep this annoying blog up just for YOU Sharon, as I wouldn't want for you to have to travel waaaayyyy over to Blogsome or anything cuz I know you might possibly have to change a saved link or something extremely complicated like that, and then you might have to call in the Tech Squad (a.k.a. Junior)!!
;-) j/k
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