10 June 2005

Westward Ho!


**Glad to hear our 'three-decade conflict' ended in 1998.

Queen may make first Ireland visit

June 10, 2005 - 6:19AM

Queen Elizabeth may soon make her first state visit to Ireland, Irish President Mary McAleese said after meeting the monarch.

The Queen has avoided visiting Ireland because of security worries stemming from neighbouring Northern Ireland's three-decade conflict, which ended with the 1998 Good Friday peace accord.

"The Irish and British governments are agreed that a visit should take place and the timing is for decision by them in the light of the successful development of the political process in Northern Ireland over time," McAleese said in a statement.

The possibility of a state visit by the Queen has been discussed for years. She has been wary of visiting Ireland since her husband's uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten, was killed by the Irish Republican Army while holidaying there in 1979.

The IRA declared a cease-fire in 1994 but a breakaway group known as the Real IRA remains active. Prince Charles and other senior royals have visited the country.

Shame on you !

...don't you realise that the events of 1916 are a Republican myth ? Propaganda !

And , as for the centuries between 1169 and 1969 ... well - obviously , nothing much occured .
Except for more Republican myths and propaganda . Now ; out of my way . I need to dust down the red carpet ....

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