24 June 2005

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Adams pledge on disappeared

FRIDAY 24/06/2005 12:09:13
Press Association

The bodies of the so-called Disappeared will eventually be found and returned to their families, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams pledged today.

He welcomed the decision by the British and Irish Governments to seek a forensic expert to help find the remains of those murdered and secretly buried by the IRA since the 1970s.

"I`m fairly certain, without raising expectations, that we will eventually get those remains and give them back to the families," he said in Dublin.

"We have never stopped trying to help.

"I understand that this is a horrendously difficult issue, particularly for families who are being denied a funeral."

He claimed the idea for a forensic expert was suggested by Sinn Fein to the British and Irish Governments over three years ago and that he had had the name of a suitable candidate for more than 14 months.

"I welcome that they have finally moved but there`s a question mark as to why it took so long," he said.

The body of Armagh father of two Gareth O`Connor was found in his car in the Newry Canal earlier this month after a tip-off to police.

He had gone missing in May 2003 while travelling to Dundalk garda station to fulfil bail conditions and was due to face charges of Real IRA membership.

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