04 June 2005

Daily Ireland

DUP ‘did a deal’ with SDLP

by Ciarán Barnes

A former SDLP mayor of Belfast has claimed his party struck a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to ensure every other party on Belfast City Council is excluded from holding the position of lord mayor until 2007.
Martin Morgan’s comments came just days after the DUP’s Wallace Browne was elected to serve as Belfast’s new lord mayor.
Mr Browne needed the support of the SDLP’s eight City Hall councillors to secure the top civic post.
This was the first time in the SDLP’s history that it had supported a DUP candidate for mayor. In return, the DUP backed the SDLP’s Pat Convery for deputy mayor.
Mr Morgan predicted that the DUP will support a bid by SDLP councillors Carmel Hanna or Pat McCarthy to become lord mayor of Belfast during the 2006-07 council term.
He said: “Last week saw politics in City Hall take yet another strange political turn.
“The SDLP supported the DUP’s Wallace Browne in becoming lord mayor of Belfast and, in turn, the ever tolerant, inclusive and forward-thinking and looking DUP supped with the SDLP and made Pat Convery Deputy Dawg.
“I will make this prediction. Either my old friend Pat McCarthy or Carmel Hanna MLA, councillor and former minister, will become the future SDLP lord mayor.”
Mr Morgan added: “It will be interesting if the deal between the DUP and the SDLP for the two largest gold chains in Belfast will see them further co-operate on matters that really count.”
Speaking to Daily Ireland yesterday, Mrs Hanna said there had been “no agreement” with the DUP but admitted she was happy that the city’s two top civic positions were now held by a unionist and nationalist.
The SDLP’s denial of a deal failed to convince Sinn Féin.
West Belfast councillor Tom Hartley said: “Martin Morgan’s comments confirm our suspicions that the SDLP did a deal with the DUP to secure the top positions on a number of councils in the greater Belfast area.
“When you look at how council positions have been spread around the SDLP and DUP in Lisburn and Castlereagh, it suggests the agreement was not only confined to Belfast.”

From AP/RN , 13 June 2002 , page 8 ( 'Editorial Column') -

Willie McCrea (DUP) was described as "one of the most biliously sectarian politicians in the Six Counties . It would be hard to find a Unionist politician less well disposed to Nationalists and Republicans . "

BUT - (from AP/RN , same issue as above , page 3 ) - "The DUP's Willie McCrea has become the first Unionist Chair of Magherafelt District Council in 20 years . .... " at a meeting of said Council held on Tuesday 11 June 2002 . It was the vote of PSF Councillor John Kelly which secured McCrea's victory !

At that same meeting (11/6/02) John Kelly (PSF) was elected as the 'Deputy Chair' . What a coincidence .... !
How dare the SDLP cut a deal with the DUP ... !

Sharon .
Thank you for pointing out that it just means they should all be run off the side of the cliffs into the sea as those possessed oinkers in the Bible were. ;-)
I would never even think about inflicting our political 'elite' on the sea-life around our shores - they have problems enough of their own !

They are our problem : we should not burden the poor sharks with them ;-) !
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