02 June 2005


SF made most money in political donations last year

02/06/2005 - 13:47:07

Sinn Féin declared more money in political donations last year than any other party in the State, according to figures published today by the Standards in Public Office Commission.

The party declared more than €88,500 in donations for 2004, more than double the amount declared by Fianna Fáil (€43,500).

However, while the bulk of Sinn Féin’s money came from its own public representatives, most of Fianna Fáil’s came from private business.

Fine Gael, the Labour Party and the Progressive Democrats declared no donations to the Standards in Public Office Commission, while the Greens declared €36,000.

Under the law, political parties can only accept a maximum of around €6,350 from individual donors in a single year and must declare all donations exceeding €5,079.

...are they not about 26 mill Sterling shy .... ?

...that was just a 'donation' of a different kind ...

Sharon .
If you mean what I think you mean,and without any hard feelings on my part--because I enjoy your comments and point of view--then I would say that like all the rest who say the same thing, put your evidence where your accusations are. Where are the arrests and convictions?
Don't get me wrong , Micheailin , I really hope they do get away with it ; if I had the nerve myself I would do something similar !

But as for your apparent doubts as to who actually 'done the job' - please , Micheailin : nothing moves in that area unless certain people know about it , especially not a 'job' of that scale . But I do hope , whoever was responsible , that they do get away with it - I have no love for financial institutions of that type .

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