25 June 2005

Belfast Telegraph

SF defend d'Hondt motion

25 June 2005

Sinn Fein in Limavady yesterday defended attempts to introduce the d'Hondt system against accusations unionists are being denied top positions.

United Unionist Coalition councillor Boyd Douglas claimed relations between the nationalists and unionists in the chamber had plummeted to a new low over the issue.

"Limavady Council is a real disaster story" he said.

His comments came after a motion by SF's Anne Brolly that the council "employ d'Hondt to achieve the fairest possible allocations" was pulled at Thursday's meeting.

Ms Brolly vowed that the motion would be tabled at a later date.

Unionists staged a walk out after the system was deployed at the Annual General Meeting last month to share out seats. Mr Douglas said: "It's a fiasco - the electorate is losing out."

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