17 June 2005


Shot boy is set to leave hospital

Darragh Somers is due to leave hospital

A five-year-old boy, shot in his school playground in County Fermanagh, is due to leave hospital and return home.

Darragh Somers was shot in the head as he played outside Mullinaskea Primary School, near Enniskillen, on 22 April.

He went through two lengthy operations and was critically ill at Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

He has now recovered sufficiently to go home. Police believe the shooting was accidental and have appealed to whoever fired the shot to come forward.

Darragh was shot in the head by a bullet from a .22 rifle.

More than 50 weapons were seized and checked as part of the police investigation into the shooting.

On Friday, Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Kyle said that until test results were returned, police could not say whether the weapon used was illegal.

"We have interviewed a considerable number of legal weapons holders," he said.

"If anyone who has not yet spoken to police has relevant information, no matter how insignificant they feel it may be, we would like to hear from them."

The detective said that the police were delighted Darragh was getting out of hospital and wished him a speedy recover.

"It is now almost two months since Darragh was shot and it may be that the person who fired the shot feels too scared to come forward but there is still time to do that," he said.

"As we have said from the outset, it would be better if that person approaches us voluntarily."

Police have previously said they believe Darragh was hit by someone shooting in nearby fields.

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