01 June 2005


Review sought over asbestos plans

Campaigners are opposed to plans for an asbestos store

Residents opposed to plans for a temporary asbestos storage site outside Crumlin are to apply for a judicial review to overturn the decision.

The residents will lodge papers for the review on Thursday after holding a meeting to gauge the level of support for continuing to oppose the plant.

The meeting, on Wednesday, was attended by South Antrim MP William McCrea.

It is proposed that asbestos from all over the province will be taken to the site at Crosshill for dumping.

The government has said the plant will pose no risk to health, and gave plans for it the green light in March.

The proposal will see double bagged asbestos being transported to Crosshill by the firm Eastwood Ltd, where it will be stored in steel containers before it is moved for final disposal.

However, objectors say they are taking the action because they believe the risk of contamination is too great.

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