12 May 2005


Bypass must be rerouted to protect Viking site

12 May 2005
By Harry McGee, Political Editor

ENVIRONMENT Minister Dick Roche announced that the route of the Waterford bypass must change to protect an important Viking site.
Mr Roche said yesterday that, under the National Monuments Act, he has issued directions to Waterford City Council requiring the protection of the site at Woodstown, discovered in April 2003, which is on the route of the N25 bypass.

The discovery was made after an Environmental Impact Statement had been furnished and after approval had been granted for the road by An Bord Pleanála.

“The site is considered to be of national importance because of its archaeological and historical significance,” said Mr Roche yesterday. “It is a multi-period site with extensive Viking occupation and is considered a National Monument.”

The minister visited the site at Woodstown earlier this year.

He also consulted with the director of the National Museum, Dr Pat Wallace, as he is required to by statute.

Dr Wallace has indicated that he agrees with the proposed approach.

A working group has been established to formulate a long-term strategy for the site.

The National Roads Authority will also be required to submit its proposals for a re-alignment of the road to avoid the site.

" They know the price of everything and the value of nothing " - once those plundering robber-barons in Leinster House decided on that site for the new motorway , it was only a matter of when . As an Irish Republican , I was always aware that they had no respect for their past . Perhaps now their supporters , too , will realise this .

Sharon .
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