27 May 2005


Family‘s anger as loyalist is charged

The family of Ardoyne man Eddie Campbell, who was murdered by a Loyalist death squad in 1987 have spoken of their hurt and dismay that one of the men convicted of his murder and later released has appeared in court on arms and extortion charges.
Robert Molyneaux was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Eddie Campbell in October 1988 alongside Darren Larmour and another man.
He was released in 1998, but he recently appeared in court on extortion charges as well as possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life.
The Campbells said that if he is found guilty of the charges he should have his licence revoked and made to serve the rest of his sentence.
Robert Molyneaux was sentenced to life for the murder of taximan Eddie Campbell on July 3,1987. The loyalist gang hired his taxi before shooting him and dumping his body in Ligoniel.
Robert Molyneaux was also sentenced to life for his part in the murder of 22-year-old Catholic James (Jim) Meighan who was murdered three months later in September 1987, as well as a range of other terrorist offences.
In the court Molyneaux and his co-accused sniggered in the dock according to the family, showing no remorse. After being sentenced the killers told Eddie’s mother Alice that “we would do the same again if we got the chance”.
Robert Molyneaux was released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 having served ten years of his life sentence.
However last week, on May 21, he appeared in court alongside three other men on charges of extortion.
Molyneaux, now aged 37, gave his address as Glenbank Place in the Ligoniel area of North Belfast.
The Campbell family who recently suffered a bereavement said they were dismayed that Molyneaux’s name had cropped up again.
“We are disgusted at hearing this man’s name again – it was bad enough that he killed Eddie,” a member of the family told the North Belfast News.
“The family got its chance to grieve when he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1988 and as the years went on and the peace process came about we had to accept this man getting out of jail under the Good Friday Agreement which the family expected for a better Ireland for us all to live in.”
Darren Larmour was jailed alongside Molyneaux in October 1998 for his involvement of Eddie Campbell’s murder.
He was also jailed for his involvement in the murder of fellow UDA member Thomas Dickson who had been shot dead in October 1987. He served more than ten years like Molyneaux and was released in 1998.
However in February 2002, Larmour was sentenced to five years for attempting to rape his home-help in June 2001. Judge Anthony Hart said he was being lenient because Larmour suffered from Huntington’s disease.
“This is the second member of the killing gang to be sent back to jail and we call on the Secretary of State to revoke Molyneaux’s licence, if he is proven guilty of these recent offences, for he has shown that he is a threat to the public,” the family said.

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