12 May 2005

Daily Ireland

Murder accused was ‘on run from IRA’

A teenager accused of murdering a nursery nurse on Jersey was on the run from the Provisional IRA, a court heard yesterday.
Paul Greenan (19) claimed he had been forced to flee his native Belfast to the Channel Island after paramilitaries threatened to shoot him.
He admits attacking nursery nurse Tracy Burns (35) two months after arriving on the island, but denies murder. He claims responsibility for his actions was impaired by a personality abnormality.
Miss Burns was found dead in a car park in St Helier in the early hours of March 14 last year. She had been kicked, punched, and her head stamped on in an attack so violent that her right eyeball was dislodged and Greenan's boot print was visible on her face.
Prosecutors at Jersey's Royal Court claim Greenan had drunk 10 or 12 pints of lager and tried to rape Miss Burns before killing her.
He was arrested at the scene and interviewed less than 24 hours later.
Reading a summary of the interview to the court on the second day of the trial, Detective Sergeant Keith Bray said Greenan had lived with his mother in Northern Ireland, but had fled.
The officer said: “He had been expelled from secondary school at the age of 14. He stated that he had got expelled from school because he could not go in because, if he had done, he would have been shot by the Provisional IRA.
“He had been working with the milkman, but had to stop because of threats from the Provisional IRA. He had come to Jersey to settle and had hoped to find work. He was running away from the Provisional IRA.
“He had been living with his father since his arrival in Jersey."

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