27 May 2005

Daily Ireland

‘Agent’ killers

By Ciarán Barnes c.barnes@dailyireland.com

The three chief suspects in the murder of Bangor woman Lisa Dorrian are being protected from prosecution by the PSNI’s Special Branch, loyalist sources claimed yesterday.
Detectives have so far arrested three people in connection with the murder but released them all unconditionally.
The main suspects in the Dorrian disappearance are two Loyalist Volunteer Force drug-dealing brothers from east Belfast who are related to a murdered loyalist leader.
A cousin of the pair from north Down, who has LVF connections and was close to Johnny Adair’s old Ulster Defence Association C Company, is another prime suspect.
Also in the frame is a young man from the Rathcoole estate on the edge of north Belfast who is linked to the small Red Hand Commando paramilitary group.
It was his involvement with Ms Dorrian that prompted the group to investigate her killing.
According to a number of loyalist sources, three of these four suspects work for Special Branch.
The sources insist that these links are hampering the investigation into Ms Dorrian’s death.
One senior loyalist said: “The [PSNI] drug squad can’t do a raid in east Belfast without consulting these people first. It is the view of many people, particularly those close to loyalism in east Belfast, that the investigation into Lisa Dorrian’s death is being held up because of the suspects’ links to Special Branch.”
Speaking last week, Progressive Unionist Party leader David Ervine said he “cannot work out why” the PSNI was prepared to speculate about IRA involvement in the murder of Robert McCartney but would not be drawn on speculation that the LVF had killed Ms Dorrian.
Mr Ervine said it was “beyond doubt” the LVF killed the 25-year-old. Since its formation eight years ago, the LVF has been riddled with informants.
Ms Dorrian went missing on February 28 from a caravan park on the outskirts of Bangor, Co Down.
It is believed she was murdered after being caught taking drugs from an LVF stash.
Despite constant appeals, the Dorrians are no wiser about the circumstances surrounding their loved one’s death.
The shop assistant’s mother, Pat Dorrian, said the family was no nearer to finding Lisa’s body or those responsible for her death. She said: “In all truth, we don’t have a clue what has happened.
“It’s just as if she has disappeared off the face of the earth. All we have got left is memories, photographs.”

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