07 May 2005


Nothing more important than peace: Hain

07/05/2005 - 11:54:29

New Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain pledged today to bring all sides in the North together in a bid to secure lasting peace.

Mr Hain said that in appointing him to his new Cabinet post, British Prime Minister Tony Blair had stressed to him the importance of securing a permanent peace and getting agreement in the North.

And he added: “There is no prize more important than peace.”

Mr Hain, speaking today in Central London, said: “I am privileged and delighted to be doing this absolutely crucial Cabinet job.”

He insisted that combining the roles of Northern Ireland and Wales Secretary of State would not affect his ability to carry out his duties.

He pointed out that he had already shown his ability to be able to combine two roles within government.

Mr Hain stressed the importance of working with both the Irish and American governments in the roads to peace.

He added: “The election results have sent their own message. I need to take account of this and bring everybody together.

“We need to get everybody working together. We have had now a tremendous period of peace since The Good Friday Agreement was signed.”

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