21 May 2005

Belfast Telegraph

UDA blamed for attacks

By Staff Reporter
21 May 2005

THE UDA was being blamed today for sectarian attacks in north Belfast in which a car was destroyed by a petrol bomb and several homes were damaged.

The Peugeot 406 car was parked in Cliftondene Crescent, near to three houses which were attacked with so-called paint bombs at around 11 last night.

Loyalist sources in the north of the city were speculating that the UDA was flexing its muscles following the imprisonment of Denis Cunningham for UFF membership.

At 11.30pm two houses at Abbeydale Park in the Lower Ballysillan area of the city were also damaged by paint bombs, while the windows of a Rover car parked nearby were smashed with stones.

A short time later two houses at Ligoniel Road and a property at Somerdale Park were also attacked with paint bombs.

At around 12.30 this morning a BMW car parked at Hazelwood Park was destroyed when it was set on fire.

Police in North Belfast confirmed that the series of incidents were "sectarian and connected" and believe loyalists were responsible.

North Belfast DUP MLA Nelson McCausland condemned the "totally unprovoked" attacks.

"It is clear that since there were so many attacks on one night that this was an orchestrated campaign," he said.

"People should have the right to live in their homes without fear of attack on them or their property.

"Such attacks are totally unprovoked and wrong. And, as well as hurting the families attacked, they damage the wider community," he said.

Last night's events are not thought to be connected to attacks on a number of cars in the Shore Road area of the city on Friday, police have said.

In another incident earlier yesterday evening, two security alerts on the Cavehill Road were declared hoaxes.

Army Technical Officers were tasked to deal with a suspect device on the gates of a church at around 8.15pm.

A short time later they dealt with a similar device at a bus shelter near Westland fire station.

And in a separate incident that was not thought by police to be sectarian, a car was destroyed early this morning in a petrol bomb attack in Glengormley.

Shortly before 12.40am a Peugeot 106 car parked in Farmley Gardens was completely destroyed when it was petrol bombed.

Police believe that three youths wearing baseball caps, seen in the area at the time of the attacks, may have been involved.

Detectives are appealing for information about the various incidents.

Meanwhile, a loyalist band parade was passing along the Upper Crumlin Road and Ballysillan Road this afternoon.

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