13 May 2005

Belfast Telegraph

McCartney threats 'not from republicans'

By Chris Thornton
13 May 2005

Threats to burn out the family of murder victim Robert McCartney do not come from republicans, Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams insisted today.

Mr Adams said he was certain that republicans were not behind the threats which police warned the family about last night.

Days after getting the European Parliament's backing for their plans to take civil action against the suspected killers, PSNI officers told the five sisters and fiancee of Mr McCartney of the arson threats.

The family said police intelligence indicated that their homes and a sandwich business run by Gemma McCartney could be torched by criminals.

Paula McCartney said the family was "shocked" but would not pull back from their campaign to bring the killers to justice.

"At the end of the day, we are the victims here, and we are being terrorised," she said.

"It was our brother that was brutally murdered.

"We are taking the threats very seriously.

"You have to consider that we have small children, we have to take it seriously."

The family said they believe the killers are behind the threats.

Mr Adams said today that "no republican is involved in any threat against this family".

"There is no suggestion - from what I have heard - from the PSNI that republicans are involved.

"I'm quite certain that if there was any inkling of republicans being involved the PSNI would have made that clear," he told BBC Radio Ulster.

Mr Adams said the case remains unsolved because "those who killed Robert McCartney are not men enough to own up to what they did.

"They are guided entirely by selfishness."

He also accused the PSNI of not handling the investigation properly.

Paula McCartney said today that the threats will have "absolutely no impact at all" on the family's campaign.

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