14 May 2005

Belfast Telegraph

The invisible victims of Troubles trauma

By Nevin Farrell
14 May 2005

MANY people are suffering from Troubles related trauma and may not even be aware of it, experts say.

The finding was revealed as a Trauma Advisory Panel in the Ballymena-based Northern Health Board held a series of awareness raising roadshows.

Co-ordinator Sheelagh Sheerin said yesterday: "The roadshows were designed to promote the awareness of how people have been affected by the trauma of the conflict, some of whom remain the invisible victims of The Troubles - they may not have visible signs of injury, but are suffering because of their experiences."

The roadshows were funded by the Victims Unit in the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister's Division of Good Relations and Reconciliation.

Dr Paul Miller said: "We are delighted to be working to raise the awareness among health professionals on the subject of conflict related trauma and its impact on the lives of people living in Northern Ireland."

The key message from the roadshows was that many people have been affected by The Troubles and whilst the statistics identify the numbers who died or have been injured during the conflict, it remains unknown how many people have been emotionally or psychologically affected.

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