29 April 2005

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Via IRA2

Shoukri barred from Belfast

FRIDAY 29/04/2005 15:20:31

Alleged terrorist chief Ihab Shoukri will be released from jail when he has found a suitable address, a judge said today.

However, Belfast Crown Court Judge Derick Rodgers barred Shoukri from entering Belfast, Bangor or Newtownabbey and from physically being with his brother Andre, but allowed the pair to talk on the phone.

Earlier prosecuting lawyer Geoffrey millar told him that while the Crown opposed his bail application, "we have to take a reflective view" that he has been in custody for almost a year in total with very little prospect of his case getting to trial before the new term in September.

Shoukri, 31, from Alliance Road in north Belfast, denies charges of being a member of the outlawed UDA and UFF on February 1, 2003.

Giving evidence to the court, Detective Sergeant Irvine said the police believe Shoukri "is a high ranking member of the UDA", adding that if he were alowed back into Belfast "it could lead to the intimidation of witnesses".

The officer told the court that police would make a list of the people, including alleged murderer William `Mo` Courtney that Shoukri would be barred from contacting.

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