30 April 2005

RTE News

New pedestrian bridge for Dublin

30 April 2005 20:24

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Click to view - Ha'Penny Bridge, Dublin - Painting by Mary McSweeney - 'The Ha'penny bridge, with Bachelors Walk in the background is the oldest pedestrian bridge over the river Liffey and was opened in 1816. Accepted as the symbol of Dublin, it acquired it's unofficial moniker from the one half-penny toll paid to cross the river'. Source: Mary McSweeney's Online Gallery, which is well worth a visit.

A new pedestrian bridge over the River Liffey in Dublin is being hoisted into place this evening.

The 320 tonne bridge, which will be located east of the Matt Talbot Bridge, is made up of two sections which will swing open to allow boats to pass through.

The first section is currently being put in place. The second section will be put in place tomorrow.

It is being hoisted into place by the 'Mersey Mammoth', the largest marine crane in Europe.

The bridge is due to be officially opened in June.

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