22 April 2005


Mallusk youth wins award

A Mallusk youth has won a prestigious award from the Terry Enright Foundation for her leadership abilities in representing her community.
Nichola McIlvenny, 20, received the accolade this week at the city hall and she said she was “over the moon”.
The award recognises young people who follow the example set by Terry Enright, a youth worker who was shot dead in January 1998 at the Space nightclub where he worked as a doorman.
The award recognises young people who follow the example set by Terry Enright’s work and who are dedicated to their own future development.
Nichola McIlvenny was sent along to the Terry Enright Foundation to partake in the leadership award through Greater Shankill Alternatives. It is a community restorative justice scheme in Monkstown.
She seeks to help anti-social young people who through their activities are under loyalist paramilitary threat.
She said she was delighted with the bog oak carving that depicts the ancient Irish Tír naÓg story of youth.
“I was in the middle of telling a friend about the story when I heard my name called. I couldn’t get over it,” she said.
Director of the Terry Enright Foundation, Seamus Colligan paid tribute to Nichola’s dedication after she completed a leadership programme “and has proven herself as a capable young leader who has potential to give positive leadership within the Protestant/unionist/loyalist community.
“One could be in no doubt of Nichola’s commitment. She has readily taken on any piece of work asked of her on the leadership programme. Nichola like so many young people is a second-generation survivor of the conflict. Furthermore, society has set a path for many young people who are perceived as not having achieved academically and Nichola has not allowed herself to be pigeon-holed in this way.”

Journalist:: Staff Reporter

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