22 April 2005


Boy With a Heart of Gold

James Savage is the pride of North Belfast this week after winning a Heart of the People award at a glittering ceremony at Belfast City Hall.
Over 100 young people aged between eleven and 25 took part in the Heart of the People Awards that originated in West Belfast in 1998.
But 12-year-old James stole everybody’s heart with his determination to live life to the full despite facing life with spinal cancer.
And the local hero was praised for saving the life of his epileptic mum, not once, but twice.
Ann O’Neill nominated the Limestone Road youngster saying he was an inspiration to everyone.
“I got to know James at a Christmas party and got to hear good stories about him. I heard about the things he does in his class in school for other children.
“His sister died tragically and he has been through a lot in and out of hospital, but he’s so bright and is an inspiration to everyone.”
James, a dedicated dog lover, was this week taking his award in his stride with his mum Sinead.
“He never complains even though he’s been through painful surgery,” she said.
“He loves animals and is torturing me for a new Shitsu puppy.”

Journalist:: Staff Reporter

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