14 April 2005


DUP ‘making it harder for SF to secure IRA stand-down’

14/04/2005 - 13:20:37

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has accused the Democratic Unionist Party of making it harder to persuade the IRA to stand down.

Speaking in Belfast this morning, Mr Adams said hardline comments from DUP members were hampering his efforts to get the organisation to commit to exclusively peaceful means.

DUP deputy leader Peter Robinson has said it might take a generation before his party agrees to share power with Sinn Féin.

Mr Adams said he accepted that such comments were election-related, but said they made his task considerably more difficult.

" If at any time (P) Sinn Fein decide to disown the armed struggle they won't have me as a member . " -

- Gerry Adams , 1986 Ard Fheis , as quoted in 'The Sunday Tribune' , 22nd February 1998 , page 15 .
Keep your promise , Gerry : resign now !

Sharon .
1169 And Counting.....
Well,Sharon, he said 'Sinn Féin' there. It's the IRA he wants to disown the armed struggle. lol ;-)
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