28 April 2005

Daily Ireland

PSNI accused of keeping victim’s family ‘in the dark’

The brother of a woman murdered by an Ulster Volunteer Force/RUC double agent 12 years ago has accused the PSNI of “keeping him in the dark” over investigations into her murder.
In 1993, Sharon McKenna was shot dead by a UVF gunman as she visited a Protestant pensioner on the Shore Road in north Belfast.
In February, Daily Ireland revealed the killing had been carried out by a senior UVF figure from the Mount Vernon area of the Shore Road who was working for RUC Special Branch.
In the hours after Ms McKenna’s murder, her paramilitary killer told his police handlers what he had done.
The same UVF man was involved in the death of Raymond McCord Jnr in 1997.
On Monday, the father of Mr McCord, Raymond McCord Snr, met senior police officers who told him about the UVF informant’s role in the murder of Ms McKenna.
However, in the decade since the 27-year-old woman’s death, the RUC and PSNI have never made her family aware of these revelations.
Speaking to Daily Ireland yesterday, Ms McKenna’s brother, Paul McKenna, said detectives have only spoken to the family once in 12 years.
“The only time we ever heard from the police was a couple of months after Sharon was murdered,” he said.
“We had a meeting with the Police Ombudsman two years ago but other than that we have been told absolutely nothing.
“The only other information we have been given has been from journalists.”
Mr McKenna said he believed the least the PSNI could do is to keep his family informed about updates in the investigation into his sister’s murder.
He said: “I would have hoped the PSNI could have kept us more informed. At times I feel as if I’m getting over Sharon’s murder, but then all the anger I have comes flooding back when situations like this crop up.
“My family just wants to know the truth.”
Raymond McCord Snr believes the killers of Sharon McKenna and his son were allowed to get away with the murders because they were Special Branch informers.
The UVF/RUC agent involved in both killings is currently on remand awaiting trial for attempted murder.
It is believed he may have been connected to around 30 killings including that of Presbyterian minister, Rev David Templeton, and Ulster Defence Association members David Greer and Tommy English.
A spokesperson for the PSNI said detectives were investigating a number of linked cases.

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