29 April 2005


Couple vow to facilitate re-adoption of Tristan Dowse

29/04/2005 - 08:16:15

Tristan, at the orphanage in Indonesia

The couple at the centre of the Tristan Dowse adoption case have reportedly vowed to take whatever legal steps are necessary to allow the three-year-old to be re-adopted.

Reports this morning said Irishman Joe Dowse and his Azerbaijani wife made the promise in a statement issued through their solicitor yesterday.

The couple adopted the three-year-old shortly after his birth, but returned him to an Indonesian orphanage last year. He is an Irish citizen and only speaks English.

The Indonesian authorities are attempting to have the adoption declared illegal so the youngster can be looked after by an American couple who have expressed an interest in adopting him.

Despite the Dowses’ vow to facilitate such a move, this morning’s reports said the Adoption Board and the Government had been in contact with the couple for the past year seeking unsuccessfully to resolve the situation.

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