22 April 2005



**See also Troops Out Movement - Peter McBride

Family of slain teen bid to have army killers dismissed

22/04/2005 - 07:58:15

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Peter McBride

The family of a north Belfast teenager killed by two British soldiers 13 years ago have begun a new campaign to get the pair dismissed from the British army.

Eighteen-year-old Peter McBride was shot dead while running away from a Scots' Guard patrol in the New Lodge area of Belfast in September 1992. *'An identity check showed that he was not wanted and a body search found him unarmed. Peter McBride panicked and ran away from the soldiers. Scots Guardsmen Mark Wright and James Fisher chased him, shot him in the back and killed him'. (TOM)

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Peter's killers, Wright and Fisher

Two years later soldiers Mark Wright and James Wright were convicted of his killing and sentenced to life in prison. However, they were freed in 1998 and were later allowed to rejoin the British army.

The McBride family has secured two High Court rulings calling for the pair to be dismissed from the British army but the British authorities have ignored the judgements.

Last night, the dead man’s sister met London Mayor Ken Livingstone and Labour election candidate Yasmin Qureshi as part of a new campaign to ensure all soldiers convicted of human rights violations and serious crimes are automatically sacked.

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