29 April 2005

Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein manifesto calls for truth over collusion

By Noel McAdam, Political Correspondent
29 April 2005

Sinn Fein today demanded an "effective truth recovery mechanism" in Northern Ireland as its manifesto was launched.

The blueprint emphasised, however, the need for truth in relation to state violence and collusion.

With less than a week before polling day, Sinn Fein became the last of the main four parties to detail its policies - stressing the vulnerability of the peace process.

The party said it was seeking the endorsement of the electorate for Gerry Adams's ground-breaking initiative in asking the IRA to embrace pure politics and "rebuild the peace process".

It was thought that the IRA was not likely to formally respond to Mr Adam's call this side of next Thursday.

Like all such publications, the manifesto sought to touch all the right buttons of its support base. Sinn Fein said it would challenge unionism to reject sectarianism, accept equality and inclusivity.

It would also continue to pressurise both the British and Irish governments "to deliver on their responsibilities on demilitarisation ... Irish language, and justice and policing."

In advancing the Irish unity agenda, the province's 18 MPs should be automatically accorded membership of the Dail, with both consultative and speaking rights, Sinn Fein argued.

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