22 April 2005

Belfast Telegraph

50,000 recycling bins are bound for Belfast

By Debra Douglas
22 April 2005

Belfast City Council is to embark on a major recycling drive, it emerged today.

With the estimated cost of waste handling set to jump from £2m to £15m, the council is to distribute more than 50,000 environmentally friendly blue and brown bins to encourage householders to recycle.

A spokesman for the council said that the action would be taken to help the council meet stringent EC targets.

"We have serious targets to meet within Europe and failure to do so will lead to heavy fines for the council," he said.

He added: "These fines will then be passed on to the rate payers so what we are trying to do is provide them with the facilities to recycle.

"Waste is the biggest single issue facing this council and we have to get to the stage where we are recycling everything we can."

Between June and August, 33,000 homes across the city will be given the bins. Another 20,000 will be distributed between February and November 2006.

Black wheelie bin collections across the city are to be cut from weekly to biweekly with the new bins being collected on alternative weeks.

The spokesman added: "Not recycling is like throwing money on the rubbish tip."

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